mereka yang cute!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


  • MGT269  :'((
  • BEL 311  :(
  • ECO 261 :|
  • QMT 181 :|
  • CTU 241 :)
  • BAB 101 :)
  • HSK 222 :D

suffering!!! >.<

there are 3 more semester have to go through. tak sabar nak habiskan for PART III.really suffering my heart and blood (overdose).a lot of assignments need to do.very a lot! need to get her attention.i hope so.even never hope that. may Allah protect me from get sick because all of this.

heyy tak baik tau mengeluh.ish2...astaghfirullah hal azim...hope everything going smoothly for this sem.even macam kureng je. =,="
sebab? start a new day with a new 'task'.almost for every day.sabor jelah macek. may ALLAH bless all of us.amin.... :)